In 1982 the LIST Council's predecessor released to the industry The Professional Glossary of Terms Relating to Cylinders, Keys and Master Keying and the ALOA was the first to publish and distribute it. The definitions and terminology in the glossary have since been adopted by most of the manufacturers, publications and associations as our industry standard and many manufacturers offer a printed version as part of their factory training..

The LIST Council has been asked by ALOA and others to complete what would amount to a Dictionary for Locksmiths. We have begun that work and are pleased to submit for Peer review, by every locksmith interested, the first installment of the remaining 1236 terms which have been identified as specific to our industry.

Our approach to this project was a simple one with a few rules which we hope you will also apply in your review. When making a definition of a term, we applied the following rules to the term:

1. Is the term listed in "Webster"?
2. Is the definition there the same meaning used in our industry?

To us, "Webster", means a typical pocket dictionary which could be obtained easily and on short notice from any grocery store which has a pocket book display. If the answer to either of the questions above was no, we felt the term must be in our dictionary, otherwise it was common usage which anyone could define.

Because there is generally more than one term in use from one geographic area to another, we established the most popular term which most closely describes what it means as the "primary" term to be defined, unless it has different opposing definitions. All other terms with the same meaning become secondary terms and are only listed in the appendix. With that established, the definitions have to meet the following rules:

1. It must describe the subject of the term without graphics.
2. It must describe ONLY the subject of the term.
3. The term should not be used in the definition.

Please review the following terminology and return any comments to the source from which you obtained this document. Thank you.

Copyright © 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996 LIST Council
160 prep
n. a standard door preparation which consists of a 2-1/8" cross-bore with a 2-3/8" backset, and a 1" edge-bore with a mortise 1" wide and 2-1/4" high
161 prep
n. a standard door preparation which consists of a 2-1/8" cross-bore with a 2-3/4" backset, and a 1" edge-bore with a mortise 1-1/8" wide and 2-1/4" high
accessory position
n. the position of an ignition switch intended to permit the use of radio or other equipment without turning on a drive chain component
active leaf
n. the single door of a pair on which the active or locking hardware is mounted
abb. Americans with Disabilities Act
after hours depository
n. a locked receptacle for the deposit of items after regular hours
abb. after hours depository
abb. authority having jurisdiction
alarm system
n. a system of electrical and/or electronic components which detect and report dangers, such as fire or intrusion
aligning tube
n. 1. a lock component which orients and joins the latch and knob spindles of certain bored locksets
2. in some combination locks, a tube which houses the spindle, located between the dial ring and the lock
Americans with Disabilities Act
n. a US federal law dealing with minimum standards of building accessibility, as well as other issues concerning individuals with disabilities
ANSI strike
n. any of many strikes designed to fit door and frame preparations as specified in the applicable document in the ANSI A115 series, common usage refers to a strike with dimensions of 4 7/8" X 1 1/4"
ANSI 117.1
n. that section of the American National Standards Institute documents pertaining to handicap access
adj. pertaining to a feature which, upon contact with the strike, allows smoother operation of a latch bolt
architectural hardware
n. hardware used in building construction, especially that used in connection with doors
assembly occupancy
n. those buildings or areas which are designated as places of assembly according to life safety or building codes
n. a molding attached to the face of the active leaf of a pair of doors and overlapping the inactive leaf
abb. automatic teller machine
symbol for attendant's key
attendant's key
n. a selective master key used in a hospital keying system
Copyright © 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996 LIST Council
authority having jurisdiction
n. that person, usually within a municipality, charged with the application and interpretation of local life safety codes
automatic deadbolt
n. a deadbolt designed to extend itself fully when the door is closed
automatic flush bolt
n. a flush bolt designed to extend itself when both leaves of the pair of doors are in the closed position
auxiliary lock
n. any lock installed in addition to the primary lockset
automatic teller machine
n. a device for dispensing cash, receiving deposits and performing other banking functions upon presentation of the proper authorization
n. the resistance provided by a door closer as a door is opened
n. the distance between the center of a cross-bore and the bolt edge of a door or drawer
ball locking
adj. a method of locking a padlock shackle into its case using ball bearing(s) as the bolt(s)
barrel bolt
n. a surface mounted slide bolt which has a cylindrical shape
barrier free
n. having to do with the absence of restrictions to access by the handicapped
Barron, Robert
the Englishman credited with the invention of the double-acting lever tumbler in 1778
Basic Building Code
n. former name for BOCA National Building Code
battery eliminator
n. an electric device designed to provide energy to equipment normally requiring batteries for operation
bell box
n. the protective enclosure for a bell or other alarm sounding device
bevel (of a door)
n. the pitch on the leading edge of a door which allows clearance for closing
n. a threaded collar commonly used to secure certain cylinder or lock assemblies
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bicycle padlock
n. a padlock with sufficient shackle clearance to secure a bicycle
bit key
n. a key with one or more projecting bits
abb. Building Officials and Code Administration International
BOCA National Building Code
n. the model building code developed and published by BOCA
n. any movable projection which blocks the movement of one object relative to another
boltwork button
n. the component which automatically triggers extension of the locking bolt(s) when the door is in the closed position
bored lock
n. a lock for a door prepared with one or more cross-bores and one or more edge-bores
boring jig
n. a tool, temporarily affixed to a door, which provides a template structure to guide drill bits properly when preparing for the installation of specific hardware
box of wards
n. a complete unit of intricate wards installed in or on a lock case
box strike
n. a strike equipped to line the bolt cavity for both aesthetic and protective purposes
Bramah, Joseph
the Englishman who had the world's first patent of a locking mechanism in 1784. It was the first lock incorporating a cylinder whose key did not contact the lock bolt directly.
bridge ward
n. a center ward attached to the interior of a lock by means of a bracket
Bramah type lock
n. a lock or cylinder using a mechanism with sliders, normally arranged in a circle
build-up dimension
n. 1. the distance between two different shear lines, as expressed in units of the manufacturer's increment or as an actual measurement
2. the dimension of the buildup pin required in a particular chamber which will allow one key to operate at the plug shear line and a different key to operate at a different shear line
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build-up pin
n. the additional element of a pin stack required to allow operation at different shear lines in a cylinder
by-pass tool
n. A device that neutralizes the security of a locking device, or its application hardware, often taking advantage of a design weakness
n. 1. a lock or cylinder component which transfers the rotational motion of a key or cylinder plug to the bolt works of a lock
2. the bolt of a cam lock
card reader
n. a device which interprets coding resident on or in cards
n. the housing or body of a lock
case cap
n. the scalp of an automotive cylinder
case cover
n. the portion of a lock case which is designed to be removable to allow access to the mechanism
case ward
n. any ward directly attached to or projecting from a lock case
central station
n. a location designed for the express purpose of processing status signals for multiple alarm systems
certificate of occupancy
n. a document, granted by the authority having jurisdiction, permitting occupancy or use
change index
n. the point on a key changeable combination lock dial ring to which the old and new combinations must be dialed when changing the combination
Chubb shackle
n. a hinged shackle with a pierced hole for the bolt in its movable end
claw bolt
n. a bolt with one or more fingers which extend out of the bolt and lock behind the strike as the bolt reaches the locked position
clear opening
n. a portal providing clearance through which passage is unhampered
n. a device to permanently attach a chain to a padlock
n. a hand held key bitting punch, often incorporating a trigger-like handle
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closed gated
adj. pertaining to a lever tumbler whose gate is pierced into the body of the tumbler. The lever(s) surround the fence in both the locked and unlocked positions.
closed knob
n. a knob without an opening in its face
closet spindle
n. a spindle with a thumbturn attached to one end
closet latch
n. a latchset which has a turning device with minimum projection in place of the inside knob or lever
abb. the title "Certified Master Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA
abb. certificate of occupancy
compound bitted key
n. a key with at least one compound cut
compound cut
n. a bitting which has another bitting dimension within its dimensions
concealed vertical rod device
n. a vertical rod exit device whose rods and header / threshold bolts are concealed within the door
concrete case
n. an enclosure for mounting a floor closer
continuous duty
adj. designed to sustain application of power for extended periods
control chamber
n. in an interchangeable or removable core, any chamber which has a control shear line which is different from the operating shear line
control dimension
n. in certain interchangeable or removable cores, the distance between the operating shear line and the control shear line, expressed either in units of the increment or as a measurement
control shear line
n. the shear line which allows operation of the control lug of an interchangeable or removable core
control sleeve
n. the part of an interchangeable or removable core retaining device which surrounds the plug
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n. in conjunction with a pair of doors, a device designed to cause the inactive leaf to close first
corner bracket
n. a door closer mounting plate attached to the upper corner of the jamb
abb. the title "Certified Professional Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA
abb. the title "Certified Registered Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA
n. a hole drilled into the face of a door where a bored or interconnected lockset is to be installed
adj. of or pertaining to a key section or keyway which usually resembles a plus sign (+) or the letter "X"
curved lip strike
n. a strike so shaped as to effect smoother function of the latch while the door is closing
cylindrical lockset
n. a bored lockset whose latch or bolt locking mechanism is contained in the portion installed through the cross-bore
day gate
n. a barrier used to restrict passage during normal business hours, normally used at a vault entrance
day lock
n. a secondary lock used to restrict entry during normal business hours while the primary locking device is unlocked
n. a bolt which requires a deliberate action to extend and which resists end pressure in the unlocking direction when fully extended
n. a lock which incorporates a deadbolt
adj. pertaining to any feature which, when fully engaged, resists attempts to move the latch or bolt in the unlocking direction through direct pressure
deadlocking latch
n. a latchbolt with a deadlocking mechanism
decoder gauge
n. a measuring device which helps determine the combination of a lock or cylinder without removing the tumblers
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n. 1. a device which automatically places a telephone call to a pre-set number when activated
n. 2. an electro-mechanical device which systematically tries different combinations on a dial operated combination lock
diamond back
adj. pertaining to a rim cabinet lock whose mounting flanges and case form the general shape of a diamond
1. v. to place an exit device in the hold-back mode
2. n. in marine applications the latch for a hatch
dogging cylinder
n. a key operated cylinder used to dog an exit device
dogging key
n. a key or tool used to dog an exit device
dogging screw
n. a screw used to dog an exit device
door control
n. any device which controls the opening, closing or position of a door
door silencer
n. a bumper installed in the jamb stop to quiet the closing of a door
double acting hinge.
n. a hinge which permits movement of a door in either direction from the closed position
double-acting lever tumbler
n. one which must be lifted a precise amount, neither too little nor too much to allow movement of a bolt
double cylinder
adj. pertaining to a lock with two keyed cylinders
double cylinder deadlock
n. a deadbolt lock whose bolt may be operated by a key from either side
n . a shape consisting of two opposing arcs and two opposing flats adj. having such a shape
double-D punch
n. a tool used to make a double-D hole
drilled key
n. a type of bit key with a hole drilled into the shank from the tip
adj. pertaining to a latch or bolt with a round face
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drop bolt
n. a lock with an interlocking bolt which moves vertically and may enter loops on the strike
dual custody
n. 1. a function designed to require the presence of two persons with two different keys, combinations or codes to operate the same device
adj. 2. pertaining to such a function
dummy trim
n. non-active trim applied for aesthetic purposes
duress code
n. a special combination or operation sequence which conveys an alarm or other signal to a remote location while allowing access
dust box
n. an enclosure applied under a strike to enhance appearance and/or performance
n. a hole drilled into the edge of a door where a bored or interconnected lockset is to be installed
educational occupancy
n. those buildings or areas which are designated as places for education purposes according to life safety or building codes
effective throw
n. the distance a deadlatch remains projected when the guard bolt has been engaged and end pressure is applied to the latch
electrified lockset
n. a lock which is controlled electrically
end ward
n. a ward which prevents complete insertion and/or rotation of an incorrect key by forming an obstruction the end of the key
end ward cut
n. any cut made into a key to bypass an end ward
entry/exit delay
n. an alarm or access control feature which allows a specific time lapse between the activation of a switch and the activation of a secondary component
exit only
adj. refers to hardware designed to secure an opening in such a way as to permit exit at all times but prevent entry at all times
n. the finished component of a lock visible on the edge of a door
face plate
n. the finished, removable plate which covers the front of some locks
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fail safe
adj. a feature of a security device designed to release, for safety purposes, during a power loss
n. any locking element other than a sidebar or shackle designed to enter a tumbler's gate
file cabinet lock
n. 1. any lock used on a file cabinet
2. a plunger lock cylinder for a gang lock normally used in a file cabinet
fire alarm
n. a system designed to detect and report conditions which may indicate presence of a fire
fire door
n. a door constructed to provide a specific degree of fire protection
fire door assembly
n. any combination of a fire door, frame, hardware and other accessories, that together provide a specific degree of fire protection to the opening
fire exit hardware
n. exit devices which may legally be installed on fire doors. Distinguished from other exit devices because it: 1) is labeled for both fire and panic and 2) has no means of locking the latch in a retracted position
flat goods
n. ancillary architectural hardware such as push plates, mop plates, stretcher plates, kick plates, etc.
flat type key
n. a key which is completely flat on both sides, usually used for warded or lever tumbler locks
n. the cam portion of the trunnion assembly in some lever tumbler locks
frangible shackle
n. a padlock shackle designed to be broken easily
frangible shackle padlock
n. a padlock equipped with an easily broken shackle
n. the portion of a lock which provides the means of mounting the locking device to the edge of the door
full mortise
adj. pertaining to a method of installation in which only the face plate and trim is exposed. The lock case is installed in a pocket in the door or drawer v. to make a rectangular pocket in a door or drawer that is only open on the edge of the door or drawer
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fusible link arm
n. a door closer arm which includes a mechanism for holding a door open. This mechanism has an element which, when subjected to certain temperatures, melts and allows the door to close
gang lock
n. a locking mechanism with multiple bolts which locks different openings simultaneously by a single action
garage door lock
n. a rim lock mechanism designed for use on an overhead door, which mechanism has a spring loaded bolt which automatically locks the door's bolt mechanism
graphite gun
n. a usually flexible container designed to dispense a powdered lubricant
guard bolt
n. a spring loaded bolt which, when activated, will deadlock a latch bolt
n. that part of a flat key lever lock which connects the nose to the foot and supports the key blade
half-mortise hinge
n. a hinge which has one leaf mortised into the door and the second leaf applied to the surface of the frame
hand change
adj. pertaining to a combination lock in which the wheels must be removed in order to change the combination
adj. pertaining to hardware which is manufactured only for application on doors with a specific orientation
handicapped code
n. any building code designed to ease access for handicapped persons
hard wire system
adj. one in which the components are directly connected to the central control unit
n. a hinged metal strap designed to be passed over a staple and secured in place
heel & toe locking
n. describes a padlock which has locking dogs at both the heel and toe of the shackle
heel (of a padlock shackle)
n. the part of a padlock shackle which is retained in the case when in the unlocked position
hinge security stud
n. a protrusion on one leaf of a hinge which interlocks with the other when the door is closed
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hinge stile
n. the vertical edge of a door where hinges are installed
hinged shackle
n. a shackle whose heel is permanently mounted to the padlock case in a manner which allows the shackle to pivot to open
Hobbs shackle
n. a hinged shackle with a notch for the bolt in its movable end
hold open arm
n. a door closer arm with the capability of maintaining the door in the open position
hook bolt
n. a lock bolt shaped in the general outline of a hook. Normally used on sliding doors or where spreading of the frame and door is a possible attack.
horizontal exit
n. an exit to the outside or an area of refuge on the same or nearly the same level
horizontal locking
n. the locking mechanism associated with vehicle doors with horizontal linkage
n. in a non-cylinder lock, the housing which surrounds the nose and extends through the door or drawer
horn plate
n. the cover of a lever tumbler lock case to which the horn is attached
hospital hinge
n. a hinge with a large chamfer at each end of the knuckle
n. a lock component which redirects rotational motion from a spindle or shaft to linear movement of a latch or bolt
hybrid locking system
n. a locking system which derives its security from two or more different technologies operated by the same key in one device, e.g. mechanical/electronic, mechanical/magnetic, etc.
abb. International Conference of Building Officials
ignition key release
n. a button or other actuator which must be pushed before a vehicle's ignition key may be turned to the withdrawal position
ignition lock
n. the lock assembly associated with a vehicle's engine on-off switch and starter
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index (of a combination lock dial)
n. the mark outside the dial ring of a combination lock used as a reference point
interconnected lockset
n. a lockset whose trim provides a means of simultaneous retraction of two or more bolts which may also be operated independently
interlocking bolt
n. a bolt which interlocks with its strike when fully engaged
intermittent duty
adj. of or pertaining to an electric strike or lock not designed to be energized for extended periods of time
abb. infrared
n. the vertical components of a door frame
jimmy proof
adj. pertaining to a lock having a bolt which interlocks with its strike
n. 1. the movable portion of an electric strike which captures the bolt
2. see "strike"
key change
adj. referring to a lock in which the combination can be changed through the use of a special key or tool without disassembling the lock
key-in-knob lockset
n. any lockset with a key operated cylinder in one or more knobs
key-in-lever lockset
n. any lockset with a key operated cylinder in one or more lever handles
key pull(s)
n. a lock specification which indicates by quantity and orientation the position(s) in which a key may be withdrawn
Key Records Department
n. the department which is responsible for generating and issuing all lock and key combinations and maintaining records of them
key switch
n. a switch operated by a keyed lock mechanism which may be an integral part of the switch assembly
n. the opening through which a non-cylinder key must pass to enter a lock
keyhole lock
n. a lock which blocks the keyhole of a bit key lock
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keyhole plate
n. an escutcheon for a keyhole
keyway post
n. 1. see "guide" def. 2"
2. the projecting pin of a lock or cylinder which enters the hollow end of a key
keyway ward
n. a ward which prevents entry of an incorrect key into a cylinder or lock
kick plate
n. a protective plate mounted on the bottom of a door to prevent damage to minimize damage to the door
knock-out tag
n. the portion of a key bow where a code number may be stamped and which is designed to be removed from the bow prior to normal usage
n. an L-shaped handle assembly which may be lockable
L-handle lock
n. a cabinet lock with an L-shaped handle
laminated padlock
n. A padlock whose case is constructed of separate plates usually riveted together
n. a mechanical device which automatically keeps a door closed until a deliberate action is used to retract it
latch bolt
n. a spring actuated bolt, normally with one or more beveled surfaces, which, when aligned with the strike, engages it automatically
latching speed (of a door closer)
n. the final speed of a door just prior to closing
n. a non-locking device which contains only a latch bolt, a means of operating said latch and all required trim
lever pack
n. a set of lever tumblers
lever tumbler
n. usually a flat, spring-loaded tumbler which pivots on a post
abb. locked on by combination
n. any device which prevents access or use by requiring special knowledge or equipment
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lock service package
n. a kit offered by the manufacturer or distributor of a product which contains what he deems required to properly service the product
lock stile
n. the vertical edge of a door designed for lock or latch installation
locker lock
n. a cabinet lock designed specifically for use on lockers
locking lug
n. a fixed component of a safe which locks the safe door in place in the locked position. See appendix
locking lug nut
n. a lug nut which requires the use of a key or special wrench
n. a locking device, complete with trim, mounting hardware and strike
n. a person with the knowledge and ability to select, install, service and bypass all the components of an electrical or mechanical lock
magnetic contact
n. an electrical switch activated by magnetic attraction or repulsion
man trap
n. a sally port designed for pedestrian traffic
matrix format master keying
n. a method of generating combinations and assigning key symbols in a master key system through the use of a matrix
metal desk lock
n. a cabinet lock with a vertically sliding bolt located at the rear of the cylinder
meter lock
n. 1. a padlock whose shackle consists of a single removable post, designed for locking utility meters or valves.
2. any of several small devices specifically designed to lock utility meters or valves and which require either a key or special wrench for removal.
abb. manipulation proof
abb. manipulation resistant
abb. Maximum Security. A trademark of the Adams Rite Manufacturing Co.
n. a vertical center post in the frame of a pair of doors
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neck (of a key)
n. 1. the portion of a bit key between the shoulder and the bit(s)
2. the portion of a cylinder key between the shoulder and the bow
n. National Fire Protection Association standards for doors and windows
NFPA 101
n. National Fire Protection Association life safety code
abb. non-fail safe
night latch
n. a rim mounted auxiliary latch bolt
abb. National Locksmith Suppliers Association
non-fail safe
adj. a feature of a security device designed to remain engaged, for security purposes, during a power loss
adj. pertaining to hardware which is manufactured in a way which allows installation on doors of any orientation without requiring modification or adjustment to accommodate the door orientation
non-removable key
adj. a key which has one or more cuts on it which trap the key in the lock upon insertion
non-removable pin
n. pertaining to a hinge whose pin can not be removed when the door is closed
n. the part of a non-cylinder lock which contains the keyway and rotates within a horn
abb. non-removable key
abb. non-removable pin
symbol for nurse's key
nurse's key
n. a selective master key used in a hospital keying system
open gated
adj. pertaining to a lever tumbler whose gate is in the edge of the tumbler
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occupancy type
adj. the use to which an area of a building is put with reference to the prevailing life safety or building code
opening index
n. the index or mark to which a combination is dialed in order to effect an opening
operating shear line
n. any shear line which allows normal operation of a cylinder or lock
overhead stop
n. a door stop which contacts the door near the top
n. the set of tumblers in a lever tumbler or combination lock
n. a detachable and portable lock with a shackle which locks into its case
panic button
n. any switching device in an alarm system designed to be activated by a person in a panic situation. It creates an immediate alarm condition
n. the cam of certain automotive cylinders
personal identification number
n. a series of numbers and/or letters associated with a particular individual as a means of identification
abb. personal identification number
abb. passive infra-red
plunger lock
n. any of various spring-loaded locks or cylinders which move in or out to accomplish a locking function
post (of a key)
n. the portion of a bit key between the tip and the shoulder, to which the bit(s) is attached
pop out lock
n. a plunger lock usually used on vending machines to prevent operation of a T-handle
power locks
n. electrically or electro-pneumatically operated locks
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pre-assembled lockset
n. a lock designed to be installed into a cutout in the edge of a door. The lock body and most or all of its trim need no further assembly other than securing it to the door.
n. The location and dimensions of the cut out(s) and reinforcing in a door or frame required to accept a piece of hardware.
v. To prepare a door or frame for installation of a lock or other hardware
primary key
n. a key which operates the ignition lock on a vehicle. It may or may not also operate some or all the other locks on the vehicle.
Pullman keeper
n. a type of keeper which is shaped to operate with the radiused contour of a Pullman latch
Pullman latch
n. a type of latch which pivots like a hinge and whose locking side is radiused
ratchet lock
n. any lock which incorporates a ratchet device allowing locking in more than one position
v. to decode a lock combination visually without disassembly of the lock or cylinder
remote release
n. a mechanism for permitting the unlocking of any lock device at a distance from the device
removable shackle
adj. referring to a type of padlock which is unlocked by removing the shackle from the case
n. a component which is clipped or staked in place to maintain the working relationship of other components
adj. pertaining to hardware which is manufactured in a way which allows field assembly or adjustment to accommodate installation on doors with different orientations
abb. right-hand
abb. (right hand reverse bevel)
rim lock
n. a lock or latch typically mounted on the surface of a door or drawer
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ring key
n. a key attached to a ring to be worn on the finger
abb. The title "Registered Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA
round back
adj. pertaining to a rim cabinet lock whose mounting flanges and case form the general shape of a circle when viewed from the back
sally port
n. an access control area with doors or gates secured by interlocks such that only one may be opened at a time
abb. Southern Building Code Congress International
Scandinavian padlock
n. a cast case padlock with an elliptical cross section. The locking mechanism is a set of rotating disc tumblers which engage notches in the cast shackle and may be rotated by the angled cuts cast on the key.
screen door lock
n. a lock designed for the thin stiles typically found on screen and storm doors
screwless knob
n. a mortise lock knob assembly secured to the spindle without screws
screwless rose
n. a mortise lock rose installed without screws
secondary key
n. a key which operates certain locks on a vehicle, but not the ignition lock
secret gate latch
n. a small keyless rim latch, which when properly installed, is operated by pressing a concealed actuator
n. 1. the part of a padlock which passes through an opening in an object or fits around an object and is ultimately locked into the case
2. the portion of a restraint which fits around the wrist, ankle, neck, waist or thumb
shackle retaining pin
n. a pin which keeps an unlocked shackle heel in the case
shackle spring
n. a spring which pushes the shackle into the open position when the padlock is unlocked
n. the part of a bit key between the bow and the stop; or, if there is no shoulder stop, the part between the bow and the near side of the bit
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n. 1. a bracket which attaches the arm of a door closer to the door or frame
2. the surface mounted case and guide components of an exit device
3. a mortise lock component which transfers pivoting motion of a thumbpiece to linear movement of the latch bolt
showcase lock
n. normally a ratchet lock or plunger lock used on by-passing doors
shrouded shackle
n. a shackle which is protected from cutting or tampering by design or by the use of secondary shields
shunt switch
n. a maintained contact switch, often key operated
n. a spring loaded device which closes upon the removal of a cylinder tailpiece, protecting a locking device from being manipulated. See appendix
sickle key
n. a key in the form of a sickle inserted through a hole in a door to actuate a bolt on the opposite side of the door
side ward
n. a ward which prevents entry of an incorrect key into a non-cylinder lock
side ward cut
n. a cut made into a key to bypass a side ward
n. a cylinder component which enters gate(s) in tumbler(s) to allow plug rotation
sidebar lock
n. a lock mechanism which incorporates a sidebar
single cylinder
adj. pertaining to a lock with key operation from only one side
simple latch
n. a non-deadlocking latch
simultaneous retraction
n. a feature which allows retraction of both the deadbolt and latchbolt in the same operation
single-acting lever tumbler
n. a lever tumbler which must be moved a minimum distance to allow travel of a bolt, but cannot be moved so far as to restrict travel of the bolt
skeleton key
n. any non-cylinder key whose bit, blade, and/or post is cut away enough to allow it to enter and turn in locks with different ward arrangements
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n. a tumbler which is normally flat, has a gate and moves with a linear or lateral motion instead of pivoting like a lever tumbler
slim jim
n. a narrow strip of spring steel used to bypass the cylinder and unlock vehicle doors
spare tire lock
n. a lock designed to prevent removal of a vehicle's spare tire
n. a component which transfers rotary motion from outside a lock or latch case to an inner mechanism
split spindle
n. a multi-piece spindle which allows a knob or lever to be installed on only one side of a door
spring seat
n. the point at which a spring is anchored, located or attached and at which (from which) it exerts force
square back
adj. pertaining to a rim cabinet lock whose mounting flanges and case form the general shape of a square
stop works
n. a button or toggle mechanism which prevents operation of a knob, lever or thumbpiece in a non-bored lock
stop works button(s)
n. a one or two-piece stop works activator
stop (of a door)
n. the projecting portion of a door frame upon which the door rests when closed
store door function
n. a lockset function such that either: a) a deadbolt is operated by key from either side and a latch is operated by working trim from either side; or b) a deadlocking latch can be withdrawn by working trim from either side except when both sides are locked by key from either side.
substitution code
n. a code whose individual characters are converted to individual key cuts or combination numbers by means of a reference table
swing clear hinge
n. a hinge that allows the door to swing far enough away from the jamb to fully clear the opening at 90 degrees open
switch lock
n. 1. a lock which incorporates an electrical switch as an integral part of its construction
2. a large padlock designed for use on railroad switches
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swivel spindle
n. normally a two-piece spindle assembly whose two halves are designed to turn independently
n. a T-shaped handle assembly which may be lockable
telescoping column
n. a steering column adjustable for length
n. a pattern used to mark cutout locations for hardware installation
template hinge
n. a hinge with dimensions, hole locations and tolerances which conform to ANSI standard A156.7
threaded rose
n. a rose with an internally threaded ferrule
three point latch
n. a self-latching device designed to latch a door at the top, bottom and edge
throat cut
n. the cut made into a key to bypass a throat ward
throat ward
n. an obstruction formed in a lock's case or horn at the point of key entry which prevents key rotation
n. the distance a bolt or latch projects from the faceplate or case of a lock in the extended position
throw member
n. an intermediate actuator which engages the rear of the plug to transfer motion to a cam, tailpiece or other actuator
n. a generally flat, projecting latch actuator found above a grip handle and depressed by the thumb
tilt column
n. a steering column design which permits vertical adjustment of the steering wheel
abb. top master key
toe (of a shackle)
n. that part of the shackle which may be removed from the padlock body
n. a pivoting one-piece stop works activator
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top jamb mount
n. surface application of a door closer body directly to the header
touch bar
n. a type of exit device actuator which typically does not pivot and retracts the bolt with a minimum of pressure
touch pad
n. 1. an exit device actuator with a paddle shape
2. a remote door opener activator, typically electric or electronic, which facilitates handicap access
n. exposed components of a lockset or latchset which allow operation, enhance appearance or provide protection
trim panel
n. the decorative and functional assembly which covers the inside surface of a vehicle door
triplex spindle
n. a spindle with three wedge shaped bars which spread to grip the inside of the knob shank when the knob set screw is tightened
tubular key cylinder
n. a cylinder whose tumblers are arranged in a circle and which is operated by a tubular key
tubular lockset
n. a bored lockset whose latch or bolt locking mechanism is contained in the component installed into the edge bore
turn disk
n. a disk shaped component with a cam actuated by a thumb turn, normally used in a mortise lock
UL listed
adj. listed in a directory as having passed specific Underwriters Laboratories testing
abb. Vehicle Anti-Theft System
abb. vertical down
Vehicle Anti-Theft System
n. an electronic system in some General Motors vehicles which uses a resistor pellet of varying value imbedded in a mechanical ignition key
abb. vertical up
Warnock Hersey
n. an independent testing laboratory
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adj. having one or more wards
wheel pack
n. an assembly of combination wheels
wheel puller
n. a tool used to remove the steering wheel from a column
window bug
n. an alarm system component designed to detect breaking glass
n. a component designed to secure cylinders or turn disks in both sides of a mortise lock by means of a single set screw
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FOR                             SEE                   
Ace type key                    tubular key        
Ace type cylinder               tubular key cylinder
active door                     active leaf         
actuating bar                   crash bar                      
anti-shim                       deadlocking                    
apartment entrance function     vestibule function             
armored front                   face plate                   
ASA strike                      ANSI 115.2 strike            
automatic dialer                dialer                   
barrel key                      drilled key                    
bogus key blank                 non-original key blank 
bolt stump (British)            fence                        
bolt thrower (British)          foot                           
bootleg key blank               non-original key blank 
builders' hardware              architectural hardware    
case cap                        case cover
circular face                   drive-in                       
control pin                     build-up pin           
conversion code                 substitution code              
counterfeit key blank           non-original key blank
deadlatch                       deadlocking latch
deadlatch finger                guard bolt
deadlatch pin                   guard bolt
deadlatching trigger            guard bolt
deadlocking plunger             guard bolt
derived code                    derived series
dog bolt                        hinge security stud
door  coordinator               coordinator
double custody                  dual custody
driver post                     keyway post
dust cap                        dust cover
fail secure                     non-fail safe
finger lock                     drop bolt
floor check                     floor closer
following tool                  plug follower
guarded latch                   deadlocking latch
half rebate (British)           half-mortise 
hollow post key                 drilled key
hose house padlock              frangible shackle padlock
keyhole ward                    side ward
keyway post                     guide def. 2
keyway shutter                  dust cover
lever                           lever tumbler 
				lever handle
locking lug                     locking dog
mono lock                       pre-assembled lockset
nose post                       guide def. 2
open ended (British)            open gated 
panic bar                       exit device
panic device                    exit device
pin (of a key) (British)        post (of a key)
pipe key (British)              drilled key
plunger                         guard bolt
pot model                       traditional closer
push lock                       plunger lock
round face                      drive-in
scalp                           face plate
school house function           classroom function
shutter                         dust cover
spring bolt                     latch
				automatic deadbolt
spring latch                    simple latch
stem                            shank
strike box                      dust box
strike plate                    strike
striker                         strike
thimble                         plug holder
thumbturn disc                  turn disk
trigger                         guard bolt
unit lock                       pre-assembled lockset
utility lock                    cam lock

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